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TLS Digital was born as a social media agency specializing in digital services for businesses. We accompany companies in the digital transformation process by creating and following the technological and web marketing processes, becoming the strategic partner for our customers’ web activities. We are a close-knit team of experts aiming for excellence where #goals and #results are the 2 fixed points for all daily activities.

We are experts in the creation of bespoke websites, e-commerce sites, integrated web platforms, and high-performance web marketing specialists. Our other main services includes SEO, Lead generation, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Our approach is based on the preventive analysis of needs, empirical data, and the results that can be obtained via the web, guaranteeing excellent performance to our customers.

As social media agency our philosophy is based on a fundamental value: quality.

By choice, we follow a small and selected number of customers. In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality of service, devote more time to our customers, and achieve the pre-established web marketing objectives.

Competence and professionalism at your service

The social media agency is made up of a team of ten professionals specialized in different sectors of web marketing.

  • Development:
  • Creation of eCommerce websites and showcase websites
  • Marketing:
  • Google and Social Ads, Google Visibility (SEO), Email marketing

Our quality approach

The social media agency Delhi has a professional team with skills inherent to each member. These skills are used to effectively meet your needs. In order to meet 100% of your expectations, we have developed an efficient and unique process to support you in your project. This is why we have implemented a targeted approach in 3 stages:

  1. Design of your project

An approach analysis and upstream research is set up to study your industry’s web and marketing environment. This allows you to define a first structural draft and design of the website to visualize it concretely. These models are made to measure, thus displaying a unique design. This step can then comfort you in your choices or, on the contrary, bring you other ideas or other desires, which is why the number of round trips of these is unlimited. Therefore, this first phase allows you to make the best strategic decisions for your site while starting to address the positioning strategy most suited to your project.

  1. Realization of your project

A process of respect and advice is essential during the creation phase of your website. This is why we keep you informed of the progress of the project during the development phase. During this stage, the developers take care of integrating the models, setting up the CMS you have chosen upstream, and developing tailor-made modules specific to your needs.

In the case of requests from you concerning modifications or evolutions of your website, our knowledge of the social media marketing allows us to advise you well.

  1. Project monitoring

To ensure the continuous functioning of your website and therefore guarantee its sustainability, we social media agency offer you personalized follow-up with a privileged interlocutor. This is why we include personalized training in the chosen CMS in our project monitoring approach, active maintenance, and support and advice. We are aware of the importance of your project, which is why we are committed to supporting you, keeping you informed, and guaranteeing the sustainability of your project.

Overall, we define objectives together and analyze the results of our work after uploading. Our methodology consists of immersing ourselves in your business and working collaboratively to ensure the success of your web project.




Project Research

We do proper project research before hitting the project so, that we can do better work with dedication.


TLS makes a wireframe of every project before starting it to go smoothly.


Design  is a creative and creative need to be creative TLS is best when comes into the design .


after making the first three-step development is a very easy task for TLS to nailed down the project.

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If you want to present your business digitally or want to enhance your reach then TLS is the best palace to kick start your project our qualified team and years of experience in Digital Marketing & web development can wonder for your business exponentially.
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