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Turn a complete stranger into a satisfied customer with a tailored digital marketing services! When done right, digital marketing takes your business to the next level, and our web agency is here to help you take this step.

Social Media Marketing 

It is a fact: Social Media have taken away important market shares from the printed world and one of most important part of digital marketing services. The presence on Social Media is, therefore, fundamental, but targeted content is needed with branding and advertising actions, lead acquisition and involving Creativity, Graphic Design and Creative Copywriting – from storytelling to the promotional message.

A Social Media Marketing Campaign for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can reach a large audience and achieve ambitious goals.

And, when it comes to Social Media, TLS Digital has only one goal: to create content that can capture the attention and engage the user on the Web; create a close-knit community that shares and interacts with your posts until they become viral, in compliance with an optimized advertising budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to get on the front page with your website, CMS or E-Commerce on Google? A good online ranking is linked to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which determines the organic traffic and the Web ranking of your website. The positioning of websites in the first pages of search engines is essential to achieve the visibility you need. A positioned site, in jargon, is a website that appears in the first places of search engines, and it is clear that it is at your fingertips, allowing those looking for your content to find you easily.

To improve the organic positioning, it is necessary to rely on a qualified digital marketing agencyDelhi able to evaluate the situation of your website with a detailed analysis to identify errors and propose a tailor-made strategy to correct them. Improving the ranking means increasing your brand’s visibility, your products or services, and improving conversions and sales!

Thanks to our Team’s in-depth and diversified skills, TLS Digital plan the best strategy to highlight your website at the top of the search engine results pages.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is probably the more rapid and immediate instrument of promotion (advertising). It involves creating and publishing ads in the form of text or images on Google or other platforms: for each click by the user, a cost is charged to the sponsor of the ad, a cost that will be calculated in the spending budget for the period activation of the campaign. In this way, it is possible to calculate with a certain approximation how much traffic and how many visits you will have to the website and how much you will spend per day, per month or per year.

Our team offers customers tailored PPC and advertising management plans, studied in detail to ensure maximum visibility. To date, we have followed hundreds of PPC and advertising campaigns for multiple businesses, from hotels to restaurants, from shops to tour operators, from freelancers to companies.

 E-Mail Marketing

Email is one of the main web marketing tools with which companies can retain their customers or potential customers and increase sales. Through correct planning of the email marketing and automation of the same, it is possible to increase the turnover and retain its users. An email is a powerful tool for getting sales and conversions off the ground. And if you don’t have your own profile database yet, we can help you plan a strategy to create or grow yours.

With TLS Digital, you will have a digital marketing services provider following your campaign and implementing it in a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business. In this way, you will be able to have a profiled list of contacts interested in your newsletters, and you will be able to create value (by generating leads and sales) from your DEM campaigns.


Businesses are required to adapt their marketing strategies to keep pace with technological developments, and that means using mobile apps as a marketing channel. Mobile apps have become an integral tool for large and small businesses. The greatest advantage of marketing through a mobile app is to be able to profile the audience not so much (or not only) based on demographics but on user behaviour. For this reason, it is possible to create more personalized messages that can attract and cultivate the customer through the sales funnel.

Mobile technologies can interpret users’ needs anywhere and anytime, engaging audiences of millions of people through mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. We are certified as a leading mobile app marketing agency, and all our projects are managed with internal and direct representatives who help us with data, trends, market research and much more. Our clients will benefit from all the advantages that come from a partnership of absolute value like this

“Best Digital Marketing Agency in India!

TLS Digital is the best digital marketing agency in India with creativity and effectiveness in developing targeted Digital Marketing services. We offer a comprehensive range of professional digital marketing servicesfor the development of specific projects for small, medium and large companies.

Tell us about your project, discover our Digital Marketing services Delhito create together the right strategy for your business.


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